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paid translations - plaćeni prijevodi
professional translations
If you're looking to translate an English text to Croatian or a Croatian text to English you've come to the right place. We translate texts professionally and promptly. Simply send us your text by email, we then translate it, send you an excerpt/sample and you send us the payment. As soon as this is done, we email you the whole translation. Our charge is €0.03 (3 euro cents) per word. Payment is done through PayPal.


price: €0.03 (3 euro cents) per word

languages: English to Croatian and Croatian to English

we translate texts in 5 steps:
  1. You send us your text by email to the address specified at the bottom of the page under "Contact Us"
  2. We promptly translate the text
  3. We send you a sample of the translation
  4. You send the payment through PayPal
  5. We send you the full translation by email in one of many available formats (doc, rtf, txt, odt, pdf, etc.)

did you know?
Ljudevit Gaj borrowed some of the Croatian diacritic letters (č, ć, ž, etc.) from Czech and Polish.

random phrases
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