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genders - rodovi
Croatian nouns are divided into three genders. The masculine, feminine and neuter gender. To know a noun's gendre is very important because it affects all the words that are tied to the noun, such as adjectives. Such thing doesn't exist in English but don't get discouraged. There is a way of telling what gendre a noun is without memorizing it for each and every one. A gendre is determined by the noun's ending (with some exceptions). See the table below.

It's also vital to know that nouns retain their gender in plural. For instance, the noun 'žene' (women) is of the feminine gender and not neuter which would be easy to think because the word ends with the letter -e.

Ending Gender
-a Feminine
-e, -o Neuter
-k, -l, -r, -d... (and all other) Masculine


Neuter nouns: sunce, dijete, more, drvo, tijelo, oko, jezero.

Feminine nouns: žena, kuća, grana, stolica, knjiga, noga, slika.

Masculine nouns: metak, zvučnik, okvir, krov, toranj, prozor, medvjed, podložak, prag.

exercise - key

Determine the gender of the following nouns:

Krov, dolina, papir, staklo, panj, igra, brak, jaje, hitac, iskra, stablo, ljuljačka, zelje, karton.

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did you know?
Ljudevit Gaj borrowed some of the Croatian diacritic letters (č, ć, ž, etc.) from Czech and Polish.

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