Sides of the world Croatian English Sjever North Jug South Istok East Zapad West Gore Up Dolje Down Lijevo Left Desno Right   Prepositions Croatian English Na On Uz By Ispod/pod Under, below Iznad/nad Above U In Ispred In front … Read More


Croatian English Vrijeme Time Godina Year Mjesec Month Tjedan Week Dan Day Prekjučer Day before yesterday Jučer Yesterday Danas Today Sutra Tomorrow Prekosutra Day after tomorrow Podne Noon Ponoć Midnight Jutro Morning Večer Evening Noć Night


The accusative case is used for nouns that are objects in a sentence. In some cases the noun in the accusative case remains unchanged, like the nominative form. Prepositions that usually preceed a noun in the accusative state: kroz, niz, … Read More