It’s pretty simple. First you have to know that this site wasn’t created so you could learn the whole Croatian language, just the basics with the addition of some more complex things. And these basics should be enough for your visits to shops, on the beach, while talking to waiters and so on. Just browse the categories and find the words you need. Before you do so, however, read the alphabet page to find out how Croatian words are read and spoken. Recordings will help you a lot in pronouncing words. If there isn’t a word or phrase you need, visit the ‘free translation’ page and send it over so we can translate it for you for free. Also, check out the grammar section. Enjoy!

You can save the pronunciation sound recordings which are in the popular mp3 format from and copy them to your mp3 player. Just right-click a link leading to the recording and click ‘Save link as…’ or ‘Save target as…’ depending on your browser. That way you can bring them with you on your trips to Croatia. If you’re unsure how to pronounce a phrase, just turn on your player and listen to the recording. The files are small and the quality is great, hope you take advantage of it! As of late, you can also download an archive containing ALL of the sound recordings. You don’t need to download files one by one, simply download the archive and extract the recordings you need. ! Click here to download
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