11 Things To Do In Hvar: Beaches, Historic Towns, And More

Hvar is the capital of this Mediterranean dream island in Croatia. Head to Hvar to explore the cobblestoned streets, scenic beaches, and ancient history of this town.
Explore the beautiful white-stoned Venetian renaissance buildings which are full of precious artworks. There are many galleries, boutiques, and cafes also which you can head to while enjoying the view of the gleaming super-yachts moored in the harbor.
Let us explore some of the best things to do in Hvar, Croatia.

St. Stephens Square, Hvar

St Stephens Square

St. Stephens Square is the center of public life in Hvar. Start your tour of Hvar by exploring this beautiful square. This is also the largest square in all of Dalmatia.
The main landmark of this square is the Cathedral of St. Stephen and the cathedral bell tower. It makes for an unforgettable sight in the evenings as the sun is setting behind it and the white stone is illuminated by the sun’s magnificence.
The entire square is also surrounded by Venetian and Rennasaince architecture and the square is one of the prettiest in Europe.
Just sit on the steps at the start of the square, do some people watching while gorging on börek or ice cream. You can watch the locals chat, tourists stumble into the square, enjoy the sounds of a busker singing beautiful tunes.
There are lots of cafes and restaurants that spill out on this huge square, which you can definitely explore one at a time.

Franciscan Monastery, Hvar

Franciscan Monastery

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Hvar, the Franciscan Monastery has a bell tower that is visible from most parts of the town. Located just a small stroll away from the main Hvar Riva, the monastery makes for a great tourist spot.
Here you can see exquisite works of high renaissance art by the Venetian painters Palma Junior and Francesco Santacroce. The 15-century Franciscan monastery houses a rich display of museum exhibits including a collection of Greek, Roman and Venetian coins and many other historical gems which you can see.
The highlight is the beautiful depiction of the Last Supper measuring two meters by eight, although it is not sure whether Palma Junior or another Venetian artist, Matteo Ingoli, painted this one.

Pakleni Islands, Hvar

Pakleni Islands

Explore the scenic islands of Pakleni by hiring a water boat to this peaceful and uninhabited archipelago off Hvar’s southwest coast. The moment you set your eyes on the clear blue waters from the boat, you will want to just relax under the Mediterranean sun.
There are a couple of bays and beaches which you can explore like Vinogradisce Bay, Zdrilca beach, and Mlini beach. Some of the beaches also have beach bars where you can stock up and drink while enjoying the views.
Try to catch the sunset at Hula Hula Beach Bar which is one of the most popular beach bars in the area.
Another point of interest at the Pakleni Islands are the blue and green caves where you can find an ethereal glow.

Brac Islands, Hvar

Brac Island

Visit the Brac Islands which neighbors Hvar and make for a great vacation spot. It is also called the “golden horn” of Zlatni Rat beach.
You can catch a water taxi or take the ferry to spend the day seeing what you can find on this peaceful island. Unlike the other beaches in Croatia, this beach is sandy too!

Jelsa, Hvar


For a quieter, family retreat, head to Jelsa. This is Hvar Island’s rural interior which you can access by a 20-minute drive from the town.
Here you can experience the less-touristy side of Hvar where you can see the old town via a leisurely walking tour.
Do visit the angular Croatian Renaissance Square (Pjaca) where there are many tables and awnings of restaurants. St. Ivan’s Square is also a great place to relax which is a compact little plaza around the walls of a little octagonal church.

Visit a lavender field, Hvar

Lavender Field

Not as famous as the lavender fields of Provence, Hvar Islands also have some really beautiful lavender fields. The fields are located slightly outside the town which is why you will want to hire a taxi.
The lavender grown on the hillsides of Hvar is organically produced and sown and picked by hand. You can also buy small pack os lavender to take home and let the scent remind you of the wonderful adventures you had in this city.
You can also buy lavender essential oil which is wonderfully fragrant and can be added to baths or oil burners, or used as a massage oil.

Blue and green caves, Hvar

green cave hear

The blue and green caves are surely otherworldly and one of the most popular tourist spots in Hvar. To get till here you will have to hop from island to island on a guided motorboat tour.
You can check out the green cave at Ravnik Island. Here the sunlight creates an ethereal emerald green glow, and you can swim in the sea too.
The Blue Cave is on Bisevo Island’s shoreline and is one of the most ethereal things you will ever see. The neon light is caused b a narrow shaft of sunlight reflected by the sand on the cave’s floor.

Venetian loggia and clock tower, Hvar

Venetian loggia

Mimicking the Venice shores, Venetian loggia is was once part of the Venetian governor’s palace. When you walk to the Hvar Town from the harbor, you will see this beautiful 13th-century Venetian loggia, with a 19th-century clocktower to its right.
The design is from the high renaissance, but there had been a palace on this spot going back to at least the 1300s. The clock tower was added later dating to the 1800s, replacing one that had been destroyed by the Turks several hundred years before.

Dubovica, Hvar


This might be one of the best beaches on the island as it is a tranquil place with gorgeous blue waters.
The sea is very clear here and from a distance, it will look as if the boats are suspended in the air! See it to believe it.
Relax on the sand, enjoy a swim, and just soak up the sun on this beautiful beach which seems too good to be true.

Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar

Sveta Nedjelja

Visit this tiny village located halfway along Hvar’s southern coast. The beautiful setting is enough to make the trip from the island.
Sveta Nedjelja is sandwiched atop sheer bluffs that tumble to the sea below St. Nicholas and makes it look like a quaint hilltop village. The slopes of the mountains have vineyards and you can have these wines at local restaurants that serve bottles Dingac and Postup from these grapes.

Stari Grad, Hvar

Stari Grad

The main ferry port in Hvar, Stari Grad is where you will land if you are coming to Hvar by water. Here you can easily spend a few hours delving into some vital pieces of Croatian heritage.
You can explore Tvrdalj Castle and the fish pool.


Hvar is a beautiful paradise island where you can go to relax, party, or just soak in some sun. Either way, there is lots to be explored including some lovely beaches.

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