From Site-Seeing To Trying New Foods: Things To Do In Brac

Brac Island is on the Dalmatian Coast which can be easily reached by ferry from Split. On the south coast, the main resort of Bol is best known for its iconic beach of Zlatni rat.

Brac also has a reputation for the islands wine, olive oil and stonemasonry. Let us explore things to do in Brac, Croatia.

Enjoy The Local Wine

Croatia Wine

After a day at the beach, head to Stina Winery situated on the main promenade. Jako Andabak named his wine after stone (Stina)  for which Brač is famed.

Stina is a large cellar which comprises a large cellar, contemporary equipment for grape-pressing and of course sampling and purchasing of wines. The project began in 2009 when he began purchasing grapes from local vineyards.

It was a brave venture indeed, as the entire Brac soil is strewn with stones.

Explore Supetar


Supetar is the place where the ferries from Split and Makarska dock. Apart from hopping on a ferry and leaving, this is a nice place to walk around.

Spend some time roaming around the dock and grab some food while you are at it too. You can also try some water activities or shop in boutique stores.

Another great thing to do here is to view Supetar from the top of St. Peter’s Church. You can climb the staircase up from the waterfront and then scale the church tower for some magnificent views of the dock.

Visit Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat

One of the most iconic beaches in Croatia, Zlatni rat is a definite must-see. Shaped like a tongue, this is one of the most photographed beaches in the country.

This long, golden beach covered in pebbles, the stroll among fragrant pines in the background of the beach seems like paradise for holiday goers. Surrounded by deep, turquoise water, the beach is absolutely scenic.

If you are staying at hotels nearby, you can visit the beach a little earlier in the day to avoid the summer crowds. 

Visit Blaca Monastery

Blaca Monastery

Located hallway between Milna and Murvica, on the south-west corner of Brač island, is Blaca Monastery. The monastery was last occupied by Father Niko Miličević in the mid 20th century.

Now, it is a museum which has many artefacts including a library containing 8000 books. You will also find a 400-kilo piano and a telescope.

You can also view stars from the observatory here.

Enjoy Croatian Cuisine


When travelling to another country, one of the many great joys is to explore the local cuisine of that place. Similarly, when you travel to Croatia you must try the local food here.

There are a couple of restaurants known to serve great Croatian cuisine. One such is Vagabundo Restaurant and Bar where they serve exceptional Croatian cuisine with a modern twist.

The restaurant offers great views, an extensive wine menu plus a children’s menu too.

Terasa Santo is another restaurant which you can visit. Run by a family, it offers great views of the port.

Visit The Olive Oil Museum

Olive Oil Museum

An olive oil museum was opened in 2014 in Skrip. Today, tourists can visit the mill and see the area. 

The mill started its operations in the 1860s and now the family-run operation lets visitors come in for free to see the workings of the mill. You can also buy fresh olive oil vinegar, jams, and more directly from the family.

Check Out Views From Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora

If you want to have the best views of the island, then head to Vidova Gora. This is the highest point in the Croatian Adriatic.

The summit is  778 metres high. You can hike from Donje Podbarje at the north-western edge of the town centre up to the peak to be rewarded with some fantastic views.

From the viewpoint, you can see as far as Zlanti Rat to Hvar and crystal clear waters in between. Grab a beer and take a seat to enjoy this stunning view.

Try Out Water Sports

The wind on this side of the coast is strong, which makes it perfect for those wanting to experiment with wind and surf sports. You can also try your hand at paddleboarding.

You can hire equipment from local companies.

Relax At Paklina


Away from the crowds at Zlatni Rat beach, Paklina is only 5 minutes away but secluded enough so that people can swim, sunbathe or enjoy sports.

Here you will find rocky caves for privacy too. Plus, a line of trees provides much-needed shade in the heat of the day.

Get A Brac Stone Souvenir

Brac Stone

Brac is known for its stony soil, and when here you must take a stone souvenir home to remember the island. The stones are cut, sanded and polished before they are sold.

You can pick these up along the beach promenade shops.


Brac is a place where you can relax, explore the scenic beaches, enjoy the lovely views of the port or just lay on the sands and sunbathe. 

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