Top Things To Do In Omis, Croatia For Adventure Seekers

This historic port town settled between the Adriatic Sea and the Cetina river is 26 kilometres southeast of Split. Omis was the home of pirates in the 13th and 14th century!

Omis Pirates were the most feared in the Adriatic Coast. The towns economic prosperity was due to piracy.

Let us explore some of the best things to do in Omis, Croatia.

Explore Mirabella Fortress

Mirabella Fortress

Mirabella is a 13th-century fortress situated behind the old town, which offers a fantastic view of the city. You can reach the fortress by the following stair next to the St. Michael church.

You can get some good exercise trying to reach the fortress as it is high above. The entrance fee is 20 kuna.

Visit the Fortress Starigrad

Fortress Starigrad

Another great 15th-century fortress to visit is Starigrad. This fortress is also situated at the peak of the mountain behind the old town and the climb takes about one hour.

However, the climb is definitely worth the effort and the view is beautiful.

Dalmatian Klapa Singing Festival

Dalmatian Klapa

Held annually, Dalmatian Klapa Singing Festival is one of the biggest in Croatia. One of the highlights of the festival is the Klapa Festival (a capella singing), which takes place in churches and on squares in the old town.

Enjoy the Beaches

Velika Plaza

There are many sandy beaches along the Omiš Riviera which makes it a perfect destination. There are a 5 km long series of beaches in Dugi Rat and Duće.

Places to visit are Velika Plaza which is a 700-meter long sandy beach situated in the center of the city. This beach is excellent for families with children.

You can also explore Slavinj Beach and Brzet Beach which are basically pebble beaches situated 10 minutes from the centre of Omiš in southern direction.

Adventure Sports in Cetina River

Cetina River

Cetina River is a scenic river which has lots of activities visitors can partake. Canyoning is something you can undertake as the cliff face reaches up to 180 metres. 

Ziplining is an extraordinary experience between two mountain faces. Enjoy the magnificent scenery and the beautiful canyon of the Cetina river while on a 150 meters high steel wire.

River rafting can also be a fun experience in the river and one of the best ways one can spend some family time together. 

Omiška Dinara

Omiška Dinara

If you want to be around unspoiled nature, then Omiska Dinara is the place to be. You will experience a gorgeous view from the mountain top.

Also, visit the church of St. Vitus located at the top with 639 meters.

Pirate Activities

 Omis Pirates

In August, you will experience a Pirate weekend and a pirate night where guests can join an evening in company with the fearful Omis Pirates.

There is a pirate triathlon during this time, a naval battle where the Pirates attack Venetian trade ship, and lots of other activities.


Omis is a wonderful place, full of pirate history and beaches. A relaxing vacation will definitely be on cards if you visit Omis in Croatia. 

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