Top 10 Exciting Things To Do In Makarska For Tourists

Makarska is a small city on the Croatian Adriatic coastline and it’s located about 60 km southeast of Split. Relatively less popular with tourists, Makarska also deserves as much attention as the rest of Croatia. 

If beaches, hiking and relaxing is your thing, then Makarska is the place to be. Let us explore some of the best things to do in Makarska.

Explore the beaches

Makarska Beach

Beaches in Makarska are beautiful, scenic with crystal clear water. They provide the perfect place for sunbathing on warm pebbles.

The most popular beach is the town beach where shade is provided by a fragrant pine forest overlooking the beautiful, clear sea. This long pebble lined beach with palm trees provides ample shade during hot, summer days.

The water is also warm and inviting during hot, summer days, plus the buoyancy is enough to float effortlessly. If you want to stay away from the crowds then you can drive to those areas, as you will need a car to explore them.

Bare it all on the Nude Beach


If free is the way to be, then head to the nudist beach in Makarska. Nugal is the most popular nude beach in Makarska.

Nugal is a secluded crescent alcove beneath a cliff. You may find many topless women sunbathing on the beach.

Beaches which are nudist are marked FKK (for the German word “Freikorper-Kultur,” meaning free body culture).

Walk along the shoreline


The coastline of Makarska is covered in pebbles and dirt trails that lead north and south from the city center. Walking along the coastline you will be able to see beautiful translucent water and panoramic views of the ocean.

Walk north to Krvavica, where there is a small marina, or just walk till you reach some beautiful lookout points.

Catch the sunset

Makarska Sunset

Sunsets in Makarska are stunning and definitely worth watching multiple times on your trip. The best spot is St. Peter’s Peninsula.

Here you can enjoy the sunset without the crowds, watch the sky turn into various hues of pink and orange and see the mountains mimicking those colours. It is truly gorgeous.

Find a spot on the rocks by St. Peter’s Lighthouse or follow one of the trails clearing on top of the west-facing cliffs and just sit back and relax.

Sail to an island

Hvar Island

There are around 79 islands that are on the Adriatic Sea! Needless to say, you can spend days upon days sailing away to far off islands to find your own perfect little haven.

Brac and Hvar are two of the largest islands just offshore from Makarska. You can head to the shore on an organized excursion or rent a boat and sail yourself.

For a budget option, you can jump on to a ferry that will take you to all these islands.

Take a day trip


Since Makarska is centrally located on the Dalmatian Coast, Makarska makes for a great base for island hopping or visiting the nearby cities. 

Head south and discover the city of Dubrovnik, which is one of the most popular cities for tourists. Apart from that, you can also discover the city of Split and marvel at Diocletian’s Palace. 

Nature lovers can explore Krka National Park or spend a day in the boat at Cetina Canyon. 

Explore Kacic Square

Kacic Square

The main square in Makarska is Kacic Square. When visiting the city, definitely spend some time exploring this small but charming square of the city.

An important landmark is the  St. Mark’s Church and bell tower and also the Kacic-Miosic Monument. Apart from that, there are a few shops, cafes and restaurants where you can spend your time.

They also have a Green Market where vendors sell fresh produce and flowers every morning.

See stars from the Astronomical Observatory

Astronomical Observatory

For something different, see stars from Astronomical Observatory. Built on Glavica Hill on the site of a World War II monument, the observatory is surrounded by trees so that it can be truly shaded in the night.

The building is open after dark when visitors can look at the stars and planets in the sky.

Enjoy the eateries in Makarska

Croatia Pizza

A major part of a holiday is food and local cuisine. Makarska offers many opportunities to explore its local cuisine via dining at the many cafes and restaurants dotted in the city.

If you wish to try pizzas, then go to one of the many pizzerias; the Pizzeria Domina, close to the main bus station of Makarska is one of the most popular pizzerias in town.

If you want to sample Dalmatian cuisine and Mediterranean specialities, visit one of the many taverns in Makarska.

Nightlife in Makarska

deep Makarska

Chill out and relax in Makarska at night where you can spend time exploring various bars, night clubs, beach bars and restaurants with live music. The most popular club to go to is Deep Makarska right by the edge of the water.

Another popular club in the city is “Peter Pan”, which attracts many Croatian and foreign artists.


Makarska is a great city to explore if you to have a relaxing getaway in Croatia away from the crowds. 

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