Sipan, Croatia: A Quiet And Relaxing Small Town To Visit

Sipan is the largest island in the Elaphiti islands with an area of 16.5 sq km. There are two main villages on the island Sudjuradj, on the southeastern tip of the island, and Sipanska Luka, on the western side.

This isn’t a car-free island like the other islands of Kolocep and Lopud. However, it is still relatively peaceful. Sipan is famous for its wine and its relaxed atmosphere. 

Reaching Sipan

Sipan is one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik. There are daily ferries to the island that take one hour and 15 minutes to reach. 

G & V Line operate a year-round catamaran service to Sipanska Luka and it takes 40 minutes to reach Sipan.

What to see and do

There are several churches on the island which you can visit. Start by visiting the 11th century St Peter’s Church and the Church of the Holy Spirit which was built in 1569. During the 15th Century, it was a chic summer getaway for the very best Dubrovnik families.

You can now see the late-Gothic Rector’s Palace and ruins of archbishop’s palaces. You must also visit Suđurađ, which is a village located on the harbor.


You can also dine in Sudurad for an end to a great day trip. There are nice coffee shops, and wharfs serving simple meals. Apart from that, Kod Marka is a favorite amongst visitors, serving up wonderfully fresh dishes and seafood specialties.

BOWA Beach Club is another crowd favorite on Vrbova bay past the hotel Bozica. Lounge about on one of their cabanas or in the restaurant sampling their 5-course tasting menu! 


Sipan can make for a wonderful day trip from Dubrovnik which will truly add a relaxing turn to your holiday in Croatia. 

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